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Music Review of Ek Tha Tiger

Music Review - Ek Tha Tiger.
Been waiting for Ek Tha Tiger's music since long. Now that I have heard all the songs, I am writing a short music review of this album.

When you have Sohail Sen along with Sajid-Wajid as music composers, expectations are sure to be very high. Ek Tha Tiger lives up to the expectations. There are 8 songs in the album with 4 originals, 3 remixes & 1 theme song. Music is melodious & since there is a hint of Persian music, it sounds even more interesting. Below is the short music review of Ek Tha Tiger.

1. MashAllah : - Singer(s) - Wajid Khan & Shreya Ghoshal.

Perfect opening to the album. The video has already gone viral on the internet. Typical middle-east tunes open this. Prelude is quite catchy. Sajid-Wajid then fuse it with electronic tunes. Tune is instantly likeable & arrangements are quite interesting. Wajid & Shreya sing in perfect Persian accent. Techno effect is nicely placed.

2. Laapata : - Singer(s) - KK & Shreya Ghoshal.

Master singer KK comes behind mic along with Shreya to deliver yet another hit. I always wonder how KK manages to deliver hits after hits. Sohail Sen is quite a versatile composer & it reflects in this latino style number. Tune is gorgeous & lyrics are great. Singing is superb & composition is brilliant. Gem of a song.

3. Banjaara : - Singer(s) - Sukhwinder Singh.
Nice arrangement. Prelude is again quite catchy. Sukhwinder Singh sings with lots of energy. Shades of Persian music is again noticeable. Another foot-tapping material. You'll like it. Sounds a bit like Ban Than Ke (from movie Mausam) when he croons Banjaara.

4. Saiyaara : - Singer(s) - Mohit Chauhan & Tarannum Malik.

Another tuneful, melodious-romantic number. Excellent composition. Mohit Chauhan sings in his signature style. Persian tunes gel well with orchestration. Tarannum Malik sounds a bit coarse. I think Shreya should have sung this. You'll love it straight away. Great song to add to your Romantic songs' playlist.

5. Tiger's Theme : - Instrumental (Julius Packiam).
Not so great, but sure is interesting. Again Persian tunes have been fused with electronic organ tunes. Might grow on you. Nothing much to say about this. Give it a try as well.

6. MashAllah (Remix) : -

Not as good as the original. Typical template based remix. Doesn't excite much. But not bad either. Original is much better.

7. Laapata (Remix) : -

Since KK has sung the original, this one has to be good. Quite different from the original. Excellent remix. The orchestration is minimal & entire song is carried out by vocals. Instruments don't overpower the voices.

8. Banjaara (Remix) : -
Techno effects are quite noticeable. This one again is not bad, though not as good as the original.

My Pick(s) : - Laapata & Saiyaara.

Ek Tha Tiger is really one of the best albums to have released this year (in my view). Songs are really catchy & melodious. Middle East impact adds to the tunes. Sohail Sen is one of the best contemporary music composers. His music is quite fresh & melodious. Definitely, go for Ek Tha Tiger. MashAllah (Remix) is a bit disappointing but rest of the songs are just great.

You can buy the Audio CD from Amazon.



Hey lapataaa is sung bu Palak Muchhal not Shreya Ghoshal. Correct it
Hi Raj, thanks for posting your comment here! Actually I don't think its Palak. The sound is so very Shreya Ghoshalish that even after seeing Palak's name in the credits, I preferred to go with Shreya. Will do a research on this & act accordingly.

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