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My favorite Eurovision Contest Songs!

Eurovision contest has given us some beautiful songs. My first encounter with Eurovison was when I came across Lordi's winning song Hard Rock Halleluja. I got hooked to it straightaway. Then I heard Alexander Rybak's Fairytale & liked that as well..This year while browsing through Eurovision contest videos on YouTube, i came across a few brilliant songs that has become my favorites. Below is the list.

1. "Qele Qele" by Sirusho.
Armenian Singer & more of a Beauty Queen Sirusho's Qele Qele is instantly likeable. Very catchy tunes & cool lyrics. This performance was outstanding & I loved her face, song & presentation. Treat for both ears & eyes. I just love her.

2. "We Could Be The Same" by MaNga.

Turkish Band MaNga took everybody by surprise with their entry We Could Be The Same. It could be one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Nu Metal is quite interesting flavor of Rock. Percussion is great, so are the vocals & guitar tunes. Loved it & is there on my Phone's playlist.

3. "La La Love" by Ivi Adamou.

No comes La La Love by Cyprus singer Ivi Adamou. The song is a beat driven number & is carried out almost entirely by orchestration. Ivi sounds a bit harsh & coarse in live version. But the song is full of energy & will make you wanna tap your feet. Go for it.

4. "Always" by Aysel Teymurzade & Arash.

Arash has been known for his foot tapping songs. Always is yet another song that shows his expertise over club numbers. Traditional folk tunes open this song that is followed by high octane orchestration. More of a fusion stuff with lots of beats & folk instrument sounds. Very catchy piece of music. Loveable & likeable.

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