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Music Review of Lanka

Music : - Sharib - Toshi & Gaurav Dagaonkar.

This time again, I just heard 3 songs from this album & found both of them beautiful. Primary reason was KK as I am a die-hard fan of his songs. So downloaded that after seeing his name. And quite surprisingly downloaded the one sung by Sonu Nigam & Rishabh Srivastava as well. So here's the review of these 3 songs. Will review other tracks as well once I get to hear them. Click songs' names to play them.
1. Aap Ki Aahat : - Singer - Sonu Nigam. Music - Sharib - Toshi.
Now this is magic! Wasn't expecting this from Sharib - Toshi at all. This one is a real outstanding track & will appeal to all those who are in love. Very beautiful composition & singing. A very romantic, rather passionate song sung in a typical Sonu Nigam style. Urdu lyrics accompany the melodious tunes well. Sabri brothers deserve a special mention for this super melodious piece of music. Orchestration is brilliant & doesn't bore anywhere…

A Few Unknown Gems Sung by KK - My Review!

My review on  few songs of KK that haven't been noticed by people. List is still incomplete. Will add once I hear more of his relatively unnoticed songs.
Please click the song name to play. A few are available as video & not audio.
1. Barhaan Dil : - KKFrom the movie 'Mr. Singh & Mrs. Mehta'. This one is perhaps the first ever Ghazal sung by KK. Composed by Ustaad Shujaat Husain Khan & Shaarang Dev Pandit (Son of Pandit Jasraj).  Has got a BLUES feeling associated with it. KK has sung this rather beautifully. A very melodious composition complete with super singing. Orchestration is not so heavy, not so light. I can say, its a kinda fusion of western instruments & Indian music style. Go for it. It will please you all the more. 
2. Yeh Tanhaai :- KKFrom the movie 'Mukhbiir' (originally taken from KK's debut album Pal), this is one track that really feels smooth as silk. Very subtle and melodious. Has got a hint of soft-rock. Brilliant composition…

Music Review of 'Jo Hum Chahein'

Music : - Sachin Gupta
Lyrics : - Kumaar

I haven't heard all the songs but got to listen to only 2 tracks, both sung by my favorite KK. So I won't be able to tell you about the album, but will review only these 2 songs.

1. Abhi Abhi :- Singer - KK & Sasha Tirupati.
click song name on the right to play! Abhi Abhi (KK & Sasha Tirupati)

This one belongs to the genre Blues!! Kicks off with mellow voice of Sasha. The way she sings 'Ankh Piji Te Dil Roya' makes you think it's Tujhe Bhula Diya - Part 2. Not in terms of music, but in terms of style. After that there is strong electronic tune that actually intensifies the emotions of this melodious hummable song. KK has sung rest of this track and sounds crisp & fresh as always. Must say, Sachin Gupta has not disappointed with his work in this album. Instrumentals and vocals quite compliment each other. KK's super singing accompanied by electronic tunes create magic. The tune that comes after the main lines (as i…