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'Bas Yun Hi' by KK - Amazing Song!

Many times we miss some good music just because the movie doesn't become popular & is not promoted well. And since I am always in search of good music, I keep googling for songs. Was searching for something on & it took me to an album called Bas Yun Hi. Its title track is instantly likeable. Sung by none other than maestro KK, this one sounds very energetic & fresh. The song takes us back to the days when Pop music was omnipresent. Bas Yun Hi has a Pop / Rock feel & will appeal to you straightaway.
From start till end, this song gives you feel of Pop that has been immensely poplular in 90s. Sounds very much like any of those hit Pop numbers. Electronic tunes, percussion gel well with KK's owesome voice. KK sounds quite young here. Arrangements are a bit complex but go really well with KK's voice. Tune is catchy. Do give it a try. KK's fans will love this a lot, am sure. There are 3 more songs by KK in this album. You may like them as well. Titl…