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John De Sohn - Go to Sleep

Swedish (yes, I know they beat Switzerland yesterday!) hit machine John De Sohn has come back after a year & what a come back it is! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also making a come back on this blog after more than a year. There can't be a better way to start writing than this.

John De Sohn, as we know is a Swedish DJ who is famous for his melodic dance music with unique lyrical themes. I have a special liking for him because : -
He believes in the quality of music, not the quantity. He doesn't produce songs in bulk.His songs are really good. I love more than 90% of all the songs that he has produced thus far. Now coming to the main topic, that is, the song itself.

Go to Sleep is a heart-wrenching Dance number which describes the pain & the happiness of a person whose wife has separated from him. Happiness? You will ask? Well, here is the answer!
There's only one thing keeping him together, It's those two days every month. Oh yeah, it makes him feel a l…

Tinie Tempah - Children Of The Sun ft. John Martin

Didn't know of this until I searched for this gentleman "John Martin" on Wikipedia & voila!! Found one gem of a song! 

John Marin is not an unfamiliar name in music world. He is the co-writer and sole singer of one of the my most favorite songs "Don't You Worry Child" by legendary Swedish House Mafia. He had also teamed up with Swedish House Mafia for their song "Save The World". So, John needs no introduction. His voice is probably the best I have heard in songs outside of India.

Lets come back to Children Of The Sun. Its a rap song, something that I would have easily ignored if it didn't have John Martin's name against it. But since I saw his name, I gave it a spin and lo! I was mesmerised to the core! 

"Lay down your head
You're not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That's all you need to know"

Children Of The Sun is a kind of song that lifts me up when I feel low. I ignored the rap part since …

Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park - Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)

Back to this blog after a long time!! Had started another blog dedicated to Swedish music, but now continuing from here only :-)

So, presenting the first song (after so many days) that I have been hooked to for past six months. Its called "Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park - Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)". Hook N Sling are an Australian duo & this very song has been remixed by Axwell. Who is Axwell? You may ask ;-)

Well, Axwell is one-third of what has been one of the greatest House/EDM groups in world, Swedish House Mafia

As a solo producer, Axwell has remixed (written/produced) many songs & "Tokyo By Night" is a peculiar example of his production skills. Its thumping, inspiring & MASSIVE!!! People rave about this song as the best example of Progressive House! Some even suggest to teach this in school & use it as a cure for cancer!! (from YouTube comments)

Listen to it below!! Its pretty damn addictive right from its intro till the end. It builds, …

"Where Were You Last Night" by Jonas Oakland

Remember Jonas Oakland? The young Swede who followed his own way to become quite a promising Electro/Dance artist (with obvious hints of BWO!!). Last time I wrote about his best song Where I Belong. This time I am posting his another song Where Were You Last Night.

If Where I Belong was melody & vocal driven, Where Were You Last Night is more of a Dancepop. It has more pronounced production & there's a hint of EDM (those hooks!). I am not an expert at this, but I can feel the elements of EDM/House in this song alongwith some RnB (again, am no expert)!

Where Were You Last Night is a perfect dance song, thanks to those super catchy hooks in its post-chorus. The moment intro begins, you get the idea what you're going to hear. I repeat, chorus & post-chorus hooks are super catchy & highly addictive. It stays in your head for a long time. Production is quite massive & melody is easy on ears. Heavy production sometimes leaves little scope for vocals but not here!! …

"Where I Belong" by Jonas Oakland

Jonas Oakland - A self made Swedish musician who focuses mostly on Electro/Dancepop. I have been following him for more that past 1 year, but never really could find time to post about him. Its been a lot of time since I last wrote something here. So, breaking this hiatus with a song by Jonas Oakland.

"Where I belong" is my personal favorite of all the songs written by Jonas. Its melodious, catchy, upbeat, uptempo & full of emotions. This one gives me hopes to better myself. It sets my mood right, whenever I feel low. Verses build & build & then kicks in the best part, the CHORUS!! Its not massive but its really enjoyable & tuneful. I really love the lyrics & vocals of the song. Chorus goes like this.

"Everything I have within my heart, gives me strength to carry on.
Everywhere I have been from the start, takes me right where I belong"

And the middle-eight is quite interesting. Jonas has a beautiful voice, amazing song-writing talent (he is self-mad…

Pick Of The Week | You Only Love Me - John de Sohn

Been following EDM for quite some time & I am loving it totally. Be it Avicii or Galavant, I am very much liking this stuff. That's why I have decided to start a new Page on EDM. Enough said, let's start with Pick Of The Week.

You Only Love Me is a single by Swedish (Oh yes!) House & EDM producer John De Sohn. He is known for infusing a lot of melodic pop into EDM. I am including this song for a very specific reason. Video of You Only Love Me is based on ancient Indian art Mallakhamb. It is about an aged person who trains a young boy in Mallakhamb, who later goes on to win the local competition. The video is shot in Mumbai. This connection with India is quite interesting, especially for a rather unknown artist (in India) John De Sohn! 

Now coming to the song itself, You Only Love Me is a terrific EDM song. Vocals may sound a bit strange but once that instrumental chorus kicks in, it takes it to a whole new level. Use of percussion is quite catchy. And those hooks are MAS…

My Favorite Songs By Avicii

Being into Swedish music & not following Avicii is impossible. I always wonder how a self-made musician turned into World's #3 DJ. His transition from Sunshine to Wake Me Up is very impressive & I can't help but admire him more & more. This post includes his songs that I like the most.

1. Hey Brother - Song dedicated to US soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam war. Song dedicated to all the martyrs. Song dedicated to every soldier. A beautiful music video. That's Hey Brother. Chorus is addictive. Quite catchy.

2. Lay Me Down - Very very catchy chorus, great piece of melody & amazing beats. Inspiring lyrics as well. Imagine this kind of pulsating music, thousands of people dancing to it & Avicii performing the song live. That's what we have in the official video below.

3. Levels - Typical Avicii stuff. Outstanding arrangements & production. 

4. Sunshine - Written & Produced along-with David Guetta, this one is amazingly catchy & instantly …

"Till The End" - Ola Svensson

Its been a rather long time since I last wrote something here. This one is the first post this year. This certainly doesn't mean I didn't find anything worth sharing this year. I found some amazing artists, songs & albums but didn't really find the motivation to share them. Anyways, today I am posting an old song called "Till The End" sung by Swedish singer Ola Svensson. Till The End is a song from Ola's debut album "Given To Fly" which was released in 2006 & went on to grab #1 spot in Swedish Album's Chart. Ola's is a no stranger here. I already wrote about his song Feelgood last year. Below is what "Till The End" is.

As the name suggests, Till The End is about a boy who has been rejected by his girl but he won't let go of his feelings for her. He will change himself to be the one she wants & he will be with her forever. Sounds interesting, hmm!! Its beautiful piano intro itself describes what you can expect from th…

Pick of the Week - "Feelgood" by Ola & "Viva La Vida" by Darin

Well, its been quite some time that I hadn't written any post here. Been suffering from mood-swings for past many months & now finally I have realised that its time to let go of the people for whom I mean nothing but an irritating, boring, soulless lad. Enough said. Today I present 2 songs that caught my attention when I was going to my office yesterday. One is an up-tempo, upbeat, full of life summer pop number. Other is a mid-tempo, breezy pop-ballad. Both are just opposite to each-other. Below is the description. Read on.

"Feelgood" by Ola

Ola is arguably the best male pop singer in Sweden at the moment. His music is massive, melodic & lively (so many #1 singles is the proof). He may have been overshadowed by fellow similar young singers like Eric Saade or Danny Saucedo but his sound is definitely better. Wont run into controversies, though. Feelgood is a kind of song that you will like instantly. It has that upbeat feel that will set your mood right straightawa…

Songs To Tell Your Love She Is Beautiful - My Favorites

Your girl is beautiful. You like her everything. Her eyes, face, smile, the way she speaks, the way she walks & what not? Today, I present a list of a few songs (both Hindi & English) that just beautifully describe HER beauty. It of course, is in my opinion & may not necessarily excite you. Like I always say, give songs their time to grow on you. Don't write it off straight away. 
I am not including James Blunt's You're Beautiful as I have not heard that song properly. Also, Chaudahvin Ka Chaand doesn't feature here since am not very much into old songs.

So, below is the list of my favourite songs that I hear to praise her beauty, in no particular order.

1. Main Agar Kahoon(Om Shanti Om) - Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal.
Main agar kahoon tumsa haseen, kaaynaat mein nahin hai kahin, taareef ye bhi to sach mein kuchh bhi nahin.
No need to explain anything. She indeed is beautiful & this song seconds that.
2. Ek Ladki To Dekha To Aisa Laga(1942 A Love Story) - …