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Popular - Eric Saade

If there is a tune that has been stuck in my head for more than a year, it has got to be Popular sung by Sweden's very own Eric Saade. The song is so addictive that I can listen to it any number of times & thats exactly I do. Popular is an uptempo, dance-pop number that will make you tap your feet anytime. Its written by Fredrik Kempe who needs no introduction. A veteran songwriter who has breathed life into this song that has slightly odd lyrics. Popular is one of his greatest hits of all-time & is unlikely to get off my head. The song first featured in Melodifestivalen 2011 & won it. Then it advanced to Eurovision Songs Contest 2011 & came 3rd.
Intro starts off with whistles. Verses are good but CHORUS, ladies & gentlemen, is brilliant. You just cant get enough of this. Middle eight is amazing as Eric screams it loud. And then the best thing comes, the Post-chorus. That key-change & the vocal delivery just stand out. Bang ON! The way Eric finishes it off i…

Time To Pray by Sirusho, Jelena & Boaz - A soulful, inspirational song

Time To Pray, a beautiful-upbeat song that describes the pain & agony felt by people who have suffered from terrorism & other forms of violence. 3 singers from 3 different countries team up to sing a song that describes their common pain. The song is in 3 or 4 languages (I am not sure as I dont understand anything except Hindi, Gujarati & English). Sirusho from Armenia, Jelena from Serbia & Boaz from Israel have sung just beautifully. Their voices gel so well with each other. Music wise, its a brilliant composition with influence of Rock. This song breaks the barriers of countries, languages & cultures. This shows music knows no barrier.
It really pumps you up. The upbeat feel is quite evident right from the time Jelena sings O My Lord. One of the rare songs that is sure to make you happy & connected to almighty. Do go for it.

To understand the song better, please click here.