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Hindi Songs With Key-change!

Probably the first post of its kind (once again)! This very post talks about key-change in Hindi songs. What is a key-change all about? Well, click the link in the line above & listen to the songs there. You will notice a sudden change in sound towards the end. That's key-change for you. While most of the western-style music relies on it (not necessarily), its a rare phenomena in Hindi songs just like this. If you're keen listener, you'll be able to feel the difference in sound aka the key!
Below are such very few Hindi songs.

1. Chup Chup Ke - Movie:- Rush | Music: - Pritam

2. Hum Sey - Movie:- Humse Hai Jahan | Music:- Siddharth - Suhas

Siddharth - Suhas are known for their Rock influenced music & vocalist Suraj Jaggan, too, is known for his Rock influenced vocals. Powerful voice, though melody doesn't impress much. Lyrics are cliched as well. But I like it for that KEY-CHANGE!

3. Tum Ho Mera Pyaar - Movie:- Haunted 3D | Music:- Chirantan Bhatt

KK (yes, once again…

My Favorite Songs By Avicii

Being into Swedish music & not following Avicii is impossible. I always wonder how a self-made musician turned into World's #3 DJ. His transition from Sunshine to Wake Me Up is very impressive & I can't help but admire him more & more. This post includes his songs that I like the most.

1. Hey Brother - Song dedicated to US soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam war. Song dedicated to all the martyrs. Song dedicated to every soldier. A beautiful music video. That's Hey Brother. Chorus is addictive. Quite catchy.

2. Lay Me Down - Very very catchy chorus, great piece of melody & amazing beats. Inspiring lyrics as well. Imagine this kind of pulsating music, thousands of people dancing to it & Avicii performing the song live. That's what we have in the official video below.

3. Levels - Typical Avicii stuff. Outstanding arrangements & production. 

4. Sunshine - Written & Produced along-with David Guetta, this one is amazingly catchy & instantly …

"Till The End" - Ola Svensson

Its been a rather long time since I last wrote something here. This one is the first post this year. This certainly doesn't mean I didn't find anything worth sharing this year. I found some amazing artists, songs & albums but didn't really find the motivation to share them. Anyways, today I am posting an old song called "Till The End" sung by Swedish singer Ola Svensson. Till The End is a song from Ola's debut album "Given To Fly" which was released in 2006 & went on to grab #1 spot in Swedish Album's Chart. Ola's is a no stranger here. I already wrote about his song Feelgood last year. Below is what "Till The End" is.

As the name suggests, Till The End is about a boy who has been rejected by his girl but he won't let go of his feelings for her. He will change himself to be the one she wants & he will be with her forever. Sounds interesting, hmm!! Its beautiful piano intro itself describes what you can expect from th…