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Hindi Songs With Key-change!

Probably the first post of its kind (once again)! This very post talks about key-change in Hindi songs. What is a key-change all about? Well, click the link in the line above & listen to the songs there. You will notice a sudden change in sound towards the end. That's key-change for you. While most of the western-style music relies on it (not necessarily), its a rare phenomena in Hindi songs just like this. If you're keen listener, you'll be able to feel the difference in sound aka the key!
Below are such very few Hindi songs.

1. Chup Chup Ke - Movie:- Rush | Music: - Pritam

2. Hum Sey - Movie:- Humse Hai Jahan | Music:- Siddharth - Suhas

Siddharth - Suhas are known for their Rock influenced music & vocalist Suraj Jaggan, too, is known for his Rock influenced vocals. Powerful voice, though melody doesn't impress much. Lyrics are cliched as well. But I like it for that KEY-CHANGE!

3. Tum Ho Mera Pyaar - Movie:- Haunted 3D | Music:- Chirantan Bhatt

KK (yes, once again…