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A Few Unknown Gems Sung by KK - My Review!

My review on  few songs of KK that haven't been noticed by people. List is still incomplete. Will add once I hear more of his relatively unnoticed songs.
Please click the song name to play. A few are available as video & not audio.
1. Barhaan Dil : - KKFrom the movie 'Mr. Singh & Mrs. Mehta'. This one is perhaps the first ever Ghazal sung by KK. Composed by Ustaad Shujaat Husain Khan & Shaarang Dev Pandit (Son of Pandit Jasraj).  Has got a BLUES feeling associated with it. KK has sung this rather beautifully. A very melodious composition complete with super singing. Orchestration is not so heavy, not so light. I can say, its a kinda fusion of western instruments & Indian music style. Go for it. It will please you all the more. 
2. Yeh Tanhaai :- KKFrom the movie 'Mukhbiir' (originally taken from KK's debut album Pal), this is one track that really feels smooth as silk. Very subtle and melodious. Has got a hint of soft-rock. Brilliant composition…