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"Broken Parts" - Another beautiful piece of Balladry by Mans Zelmerlow

Is it me only or really Mans Zelmerlow sings ballads better than others? He is brilliant in his usual schlager-pop but is incomparable when it comes to ballads. Listen to his My Mistake or Stranger Saved My Life & you'll notice he sounds so good there. Today, I present another gem of a ballad, a single from his forth-coming album Barcelona Sessions, Broken Parts

Broken Parts is pure bliss from its melodious intro till the end. Ballads hardly have much scope for production & this one is no exception. Almost entire song is carried out on vocals. Those subtle drum beats, bass & piano sounds create magic altogether. Broken Parts is for those who are broken-hearted (yeah, once again!) Its a kind of song that gives me courage to move on (yes, I wont be waiting for a certain thing now). So if you're looking for a song that is less on noise & more on melody, plus a song that lifts you up, go for Broken Part. It will make you feel better (once you get addicted to its v…

Pick of the Week - "Feelgood" by Ola & "Viva La Vida" by Darin

Well, its been quite some time that I hadn't written any post here. Been suffering from mood-swings for past many months & now finally I have realised that its time to let go of the people for whom I mean nothing but an irritating, boring, soulless lad. Enough said. Today I present 2 songs that caught my attention when I was going to my office yesterday. One is an up-tempo, upbeat, full of life summer pop number. Other is a mid-tempo, breezy pop-ballad. Both are just opposite to each-other. Below is the description. Read on.

"Feelgood" by Ola

Ola is arguably the best male pop singer in Sweden at the moment. His music is massive, melodic & lively (so many #1 singles is the proof). He may have been overshadowed by fellow similar young singers like Eric Saade or Danny Saucedo but his sound is definitely better. Wont run into controversies, though. Feelgood is a kind of song that you will like instantly. It has that upbeat feel that will set your mood right straightawa…

Song of the Week - "A Stranger Saved My Life Tonight" by Mans Zelmerlow

"Then a wise man came up & he said, I see you're sad, go back & then beg for the love you had. Stranger saved my life tonight, I need my girl, I love her, yes I do. Stranger saved my soul tonight, turned my life around."
Fed up of electropop or synthpop? Want to hear something different? How about a heart-melting soothing love ballad? Are you broken hearted? Want some relief from that heartache? Today I introduce a beautiful love ballad sung by Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow. Its called A Stranger Saved My Life Tonight. This one is really a cure to your broken heart. Whenever I feel low, i listen to this. It instantly lifts up my mood & gives me a reason to smile. Pure bliss! So, lets discuss it in detail.

A Stranger Saved My Life Tonight is a song from the album MZW sung by  Mans Zelmerlow. It is written by Fredrik Kempe & lyrics are by Fredrik himself along with Mans. MZW peaked to # 1 on Swedish Albums Chart. Since its melody is from a person who has given …