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Music Review of 'Jo Hum Chahein'

Music : - Sachin Gupta
Lyrics : - Kumaar

I haven't heard all the songs but got to listen to only 2 tracks, both sung by my favorite KK. So I won't be able to tell you about the album, but will review only these 2 songs.

1. Abhi Abhi :- Singer - KK & Sasha Tirupati.
click song name on the right to play! Abhi Abhi (KK & Sasha Tirupati)

This one belongs to the genre Blues!! Kicks off with mellow voice of Sasha. The way she sings 'Ankh Piji Te Dil Roya' makes you think it's Tujhe Bhula Diya - Part 2. Not in terms of music, but in terms of style. After that there is strong electronic tune that actually intensifies the emotions of this melodious hummable song. KK has sung rest of this track and sounds crisp & fresh as always. Must say, Sachin Gupta has not disappointed with his work in this album. Instrumentals and vocals quite compliment each other. KK's super singing accompanied by electronic tunes create magic. The tune that comes after the main lines (as i…