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My Favorite Songs By Avicii

Being into Swedish music & not following Avicii is impossible. I always wonder how a self-made musician turned into World's #3 DJ. His transition from Sunshine to Wake Me Up is very impressive & I can't help but admire him more & more. This post includes his songs that I like the most.

1. Hey Brother - Song dedicated to US soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam war. Song dedicated to all the martyrs. Song dedicated to every soldier. A beautiful music video. That's Hey Brother. Chorus is addictive. Quite catchy.

2. Lay Me Down - Very very catchy chorus, great piece of melody & amazing beats. Inspiring lyrics as well. Imagine this kind of pulsating music, thousands of people dancing to it & Avicii performing the song live. That's what we have in the official video below.

3. Levels - Typical Avicii stuff. Outstanding arrangements & production. 

4. Sunshine - Written & Produced along-with David Guetta, this one is amazingly catchy & instantly …

Song of the week - Marching (In the Name of Love)

Hi Friends!! From this week, I am going to start Song of the Week posts. Since I keep on exploring new music everytime, I have decided to share with all music fans if i come across something exciting! These days I am totally addicted to Swedish music artists & am listening to them day in & day out. So presenting a love song that will sure please you & make you hum it again & again. Its name is Marching (In the Name of Love) & is performed by Sweden's very favorite Eric Saade. You need to give it a few hearings before it grows on you. The song has lovely melody & orchestration is just beautiful. You might feel its very similar to Without You feat. Usher by David Guetta. But still, Marching is pure bliss once its grown on you. Singing is good, melody is perfect & lyrics are apt. Watch the video below.