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Music Review of 'Havatum Em' - Sirusho's Album

Armenian Superstar singer Sirusho's album Havatum Em is a massive one! There are 14 songs with 12 originals, 1 remix & 1 instrumental. Album is mostly Pop & R&B and is in English, Greek & Armenian languages. There is one Rock'ish song as well. I will call it a good album because of highly unusual songs. There is a feet-tapping number, there is romantic song, & there is inspirational song. Folk music is noticeable in some songs while some sound like typical club songs. Below is the brief review.
1. Havatum Em :- A perfect start to the album. Typical R&B song. Beautiful Piano chords gelling well with Sirusho's voice. Very soft, easy on ears & enjoyable.I don't understand a word but music gives an impression of losing someone special & remembering him/her. Beautiful singing & light orchestration.
2. Erotas : - Now this is interesting. 2nd song is just opposite to the first song. This one is in Greek language (if i am not mistaken, Sirusho s…

Qele Qele (Yerevan Remix Edit) - Brilliant Remix

If there is one song I am addicted to these days, its got to be Qele Qele - Yerevan Remix Edit. Sung by beautiful Sirusho, this one has all the elements to become a chartbuster. Superb - high-energy singing, high-octane arrangements & catchy beats. Qele Qele means Come on, Come on. It starts off with Sirusho singing in high-pitch, Sunidhi Chauhan style. And when she stops, magic begins again. Electronic organs gel well with percussion & vocals. Just turn up the volume & sit back. This will continue to grow on you for long. Highly addictive remix. Hint of folk is also noticeable & Sirusho sings her heart out. Watch the live performance below. A perfect number to tap your feet to.