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This week picks - Doin' Ok Doin' Alright & Take Me To Your Heart

Life is indeed a roller coaster ride. It has its ups & downs (in my case its more downs than ups). Anyways, 2 days back I chanced upon 2 songs from Magnus Carlsson's album Pop Galaxy. Both are written & produced by Pitchline (Swedish duo of Matthias Kellenberger & Andreas Berlin). Pitchline are known for their characteristic style of production. In one word, its 80's disco style. More on that later.
Both the songs are opposite to each other in their sounds. Below is their brief description.

1. Doin' Ok Doin' Alright - (no youtube video available) Perfect remedy for your broken heart (yes, I deal a lot in such things). When you're down & want to bounce back strong, this song will help you to. Melody & production are not typical Pitchline. Beautiful ballad but a peppier one. Soothing, in one word.

2. Take Me To Your Heart - This one is typical Pitchline production song. Upbeat, slightly up-tempo & perfect. You will love its verses & productio…