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Hindi Songs With Key-change!

Probably the first post of its kind (once again)! This very post talks about key-change in Hindi songs. What is a key-change all about? Well, click the link in the line above & listen to the songs there. You will notice a sudden change in sound towards the end. That's key-change for you. While most of the western-style music relies on it (not necessarily), its a rare phenomena in Hindi songs just like this. If you're keen listener, you'll be able to feel the difference in sound aka the key!
Below are such very few Hindi songs.

1. Chup Chup Ke - Movie:- Rush | Music: - Pritam

2. Hum Sey - Movie:- Humse Hai Jahan | Music:- Siddharth - Suhas

Siddharth - Suhas are known for their Rock influenced music & vocalist Suraj Jaggan, too, is known for his Rock influenced vocals. Powerful voice, though melody doesn't impress much. Lyrics are cliched as well. But I like it for that KEY-CHANGE!

3. Tum Ho Mera Pyaar - Movie:- Haunted 3D | Music:- Chirantan Bhatt

KK (yes, once again…

Gulon Mein (Upbeat Version) - A song by KK that deserves special mention

KK is my most favorite singer, those who know me know this. I have almost all the Hindi songs that he has sung apart from a few Telugu ones as well. One thing that defines him is his penchant for QUALITY & not quantity. That is the reason you'll hardly find any of his songs that lacks melody. Enough said. From today, I have decided to include posts dedicated entirely to some of the most beautiful, melodious Hindi songs of my liking. And the list kicks off with KK's best song Gulon Mein (Upbeat Version). I wont spoil its beauty by going too technical (I am myself not an expert). I want you all to listen to this gem & go high. Ofcourse I will be discussing it below a bit.

Gulon Mein (Upbeat Version), as the name suggests, is an upbeat soft-rock song from the movie Sikandar. Its composed by brilliant Sandesh Shandilya with lyrics by Neelesh Misra (of "Yaadon Ka Idiot Box" fame). Ofcourse Chorus lines are from famous ghazal Gulon Mein sung by great Mehndi Hasan Sa…

Songs To Tell Your Love She Is Beautiful - My Favorites

Your girl is beautiful. You like her everything. Her eyes, face, smile, the way she speaks, the way she walks & what not? Today, I present a list of a few songs (both Hindi & English) that just beautifully describe HER beauty. It of course, is in my opinion & may not necessarily excite you. Like I always say, give songs their time to grow on you. Don't write it off straight away. 
I am not including James Blunt's You're Beautiful as I have not heard that song properly. Also, Chaudahvin Ka Chaand doesn't feature here since am not very much into old songs.

So, below is the list of my favourite songs that I hear to praise her beauty, in no particular order.

1. Main Agar Kahoon(Om Shanti Om) - Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal.
Main agar kahoon tumsa haseen, kaaynaat mein nahin hai kahin, taareef ye bhi to sach mein kuchh bhi nahin.
No need to explain anything. She indeed is beautiful & this song seconds that.
2. Ek Ladki To Dekha To Aisa Laga(1942 A Love Story) - …

Music Review of 1920 - Evil Returns

1920 - Evil Returns.Music - Chirantan Bhatt, Lyrics - Shakeel Azmee, Junaid Wasi & Manoj Yadav.
Chirantan Bhatt is back! And I can say, he is back with a bang!! Been waiting for his work since long & the wait pays off. After super melodious Haunted, he comes back to create magic once again with 1920 - Evil Returns. Since its a Bhatt camp movie, expectations have to be quite high & Chirantan lives upto them. Below is the music review of 1920 - Evil Returns. 1. Apnaa Mujhe Tu Laga : -Singer - Sonu Nigam. What an opening to the album!! Couldn't have asked for a better track to start with. Piano chords kick off & gel with Sonu's vocals instantly. Then there is amazing jugalbandi of vocals & instrumentals. Apnaa Mujhe Tu Laga is melodious to the core & bears that blue feel. Percussion part is brilliant. Sonu Nigam sings his heart out. Arrangements are mind-blowing. Highly engaging & addictive tunes. Lyrics too are quite good. A perfect song for a movie like…

Music Review of Raaz 3

Raaz 3 : - Music - Jeet Ganguly & Rashid. Lyrics  - Rashid, Sanjay Masoomm (2,3,4) & Kumaar (5,6) Jeet Ganguly (1st song of the album has been composed by Rashid) is  one composer who has been giving melodious music right from his debut. Earlier he teamed up with Pritam & gave chartbusters like Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. Later he left to compose independently. Blood Money proved his calibre. Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi was quite a good album. Now comes Raaz 3 & is perhaps his best work in Bollywood.
Raaz 3 is a complete album with all the elements of great likeable music. Album bears the label of Bhatt camp & all the songs reflect that There are a total of 6 songs without any remix. Below is the Music Review.
1. Deewana Kar Raha Hai : - Singer - Javed Ali.
Can't be a better opening to the album. Deewana Kar Raha Hai is melodious to the core. Composed by Rashid, this one is a typical Javed Ali song. He sings it just beautifully. Very Nadeem - Shravan'ish music…

Music Review of Ek Tha Tiger

Been waiting for Ek Tha Tiger's music since long. Now that I have heard all the songs, I am writing a short music review of this album.

When you have Sohail Sen along with Sajid-Wajid as music composers, expectations are sure to be very high. Ek Tha Tiger lives up to the expectations. There are 8 songs in the album with 4 originals, 3 remixes & 1 theme song. Music is melodious & since there is a hint of Persian music, it sounds even more interesting. Below is the short music review of Ek Tha Tiger.

1. MashAllah : - Singer(s) - Wajid Khan & Shreya Ghoshal.

Perfect opening to the album. The video has already gone viral on the internet. Typical middle-east tunes open this. Prelude is quite catchy. Sajid-Wajid then fuse it with electronic tunes. Tune is instantly likeable & arrangements are quite interesting. Wajid & Shreya sing in perfect Persian accent. Techno effect is nicely placed.

2. Laapata : - Singer(s) - KK & Shreya Ghoshal.

Master singer KK comes behin…

'Bas Yun Hi' by KK - Amazing Song!

Many times we miss some good music just because the movie doesn't become popular & is not promoted well. And since I am always in search of good music, I keep googling for songs. Was searching for something on & it took me to an album called Bas Yun Hi. Its title track is instantly likeable. Sung by none other than maestro KK, this one sounds very energetic & fresh. The song takes us back to the days when Pop music was omnipresent. Bas Yun Hi has a Pop / Rock feel & will appeal to you straightaway.
From start till end, this song gives you feel of Pop that has been immensely poplular in 90s. Sounds very much like any of those hit Pop numbers. Electronic tunes, percussion gel well with KK's owesome voice. KK sounds quite young here. Arrangements are a bit complex but go really well with KK's voice. Tune is catchy. Do give it a try. KK's fans will love this a lot, am sure. There are 3 more songs by KK in this album. You may like them as well. Titl…

Qasam Se Qasam Se - Music Review / Opinion

Qasam Qasam Se - Music : Shailendra - Sayanti.
When an album consists of songs sung by master singers like Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, Mohit Chouhan & KK and Jal Band, it becomes a compulsion for me to check that out. Qasam Se Qasam Se belongs to this category. These big names made me listen to the album & I was not disappointed! Though, its average only. 3 songs stand out. Jal Band disappoints so do songs by Kunal & Shaan. Below is the brief review of the 6 out of 12 songs that I have heard. Will review others shortly. Read on.
1. Zindagi Keh Rahi Hai : - Singer - Mohit Chouhan.
When Mohit Chouhan sings a song, we can't help but get lost in that. Zindagi Keh Rahi Hai is really a beautiful song. But Mohit sings his heart out in his typical style. Interesting preludes consisting of Sax & some aalaaps / croons provide a perfect opening to this easy on ear song. Sounds a bit like some Mehfil song. Percussion is really interesting. Lyrics also support it well. Good work by c…

A Few Unknown Gems Sung by KK - My Review!

My review on  few songs of KK that haven't been noticed by people. List is still incomplete. Will add once I hear more of his relatively unnoticed songs.
Please click the song name to play. A few are available as video & not audio.
1. Barhaan Dil : - KKFrom the movie 'Mr. Singh & Mrs. Mehta'. This one is perhaps the first ever Ghazal sung by KK. Composed by Ustaad Shujaat Husain Khan & Shaarang Dev Pandit (Son of Pandit Jasraj).  Has got a BLUES feeling associated with it. KK has sung this rather beautifully. A very melodious composition complete with super singing. Orchestration is not so heavy, not so light. I can say, its a kinda fusion of western instruments & Indian music style. Go for it. It will please you all the more. 
2. Yeh Tanhaai :- KKFrom the movie 'Mukhbiir' (originally taken from KK's debut album Pal), this is one track that really feels smooth as silk. Very subtle and melodious. Has got a hint of soft-rock. Brilliant composition…

Music Review of 'Jo Hum Chahein'

Music : - Sachin Gupta
Lyrics : - Kumaar

I haven't heard all the songs but got to listen to only 2 tracks, both sung by my favorite KK. So I won't be able to tell you about the album, but will review only these 2 songs.

1. Abhi Abhi :- Singer - KK & Sasha Tirupati.
click song name on the right to play! Abhi Abhi (KK & Sasha Tirupati)

This one belongs to the genre Blues!! Kicks off with mellow voice of Sasha. The way she sings 'Ankh Piji Te Dil Roya' makes you think it's Tujhe Bhula Diya - Part 2. Not in terms of music, but in terms of style. After that there is strong electronic tune that actually intensifies the emotions of this melodious hummable song. KK has sung rest of this track and sounds crisp & fresh as always. Must say, Sachin Gupta has not disappointed with his work in this album. Instrumentals and vocals quite compliment each other. KK's super singing accompanied by electronic tunes create magic. The tune that comes after the main lines (as i…