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Music Review of Lanka

Music : - Sharib - Toshi & Gaurav Dagaonkar.

This time again, I just heard 3 songs from this album & found both of them beautiful. Primary reason was KK as I am a die-hard fan of his songs. So downloaded that after seeing his name. And quite surprisingly downloaded the one sung by Sonu Nigam & Rishabh Srivastava as well. So here's the review of these 3 songs. Will review other tracks as well once I get to hear them. Click songs' names to play them.
1. Aap Ki Aahat : - Singer - Sonu Nigam. Music - Sharib - Toshi.
Now this is magic! Wasn't expecting this from Sharib - Toshi at all. This one is a real outstanding track & will appeal to all those who are in love. Very beautiful composition & singing. A very romantic, rather passionate song sung in a typical Sonu Nigam style. Urdu lyrics accompany the melodious tunes well. Sabri brothers deserve a special mention for this super melodious piece of music. Orchestration is brilliant & doesn't bore anywhere…