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Music Review of 'Havatum Em' - Sirusho's Album

Armenian Superstar singer Sirusho's album Havatum Em is a massive one! There are 14 songs with 12 originals, 1 remix & 1 instrumental. Album is mostly Pop & R&B and is in English, Greek & Armenian languages. There is one Rock'ish song as well. I will call it a good album because of highly unusual songs. There is a feet-tapping number, there is romantic song, & there is inspirational song. Folk music is noticeable in some songs while some sound like typical club songs. Below is the brief review.
1. Havatum Em :- A perfect start to the album. Typical R&B song. Beautiful Piano chords gelling well with Sirusho's voice. Very soft, easy on ears & enjoyable.I don't understand a word but music gives an impression of losing someone special & remembering him/her. Beautiful singing & light orchestration.
2. Erotas : - Now this is interesting. 2nd song is just opposite to the first song. This one is in Greek language (if i am not mistaken, Sirusho s…

Qele Qele (Yerevan Remix Edit) - Brilliant Remix

If there is one song I am addicted to these days, its got to be Qele Qele - Yerevan Remix Edit. Sung by beautiful Sirusho, this one has all the elements to become a chartbuster. Superb - high-energy singing, high-octane arrangements & catchy beats. Qele Qele means Come on, Come on. It starts off with Sirusho singing in high-pitch, Sunidhi Chauhan style. And when she stops, magic begins again. Electronic organs gel well with percussion & vocals. Just turn up the volume & sit back. This will continue to grow on you for long. Highly addictive remix. Hint of folk is also noticeable & Sirusho sings her heart out. Watch the live performance below. A perfect number to tap your feet to.

My favorite Eurovision Contest Songs!

Eurovision contest has given us some beautiful songs. My first encounter with Eurovison was when I came across Lordi's winning song Hard Rock Halleluja. I got hooked to it straightaway. Then I heard Alexander Rybak's Fairytale & liked that as well..This year while browsing through Eurovision contest videos on YouTube, i came across a few brilliant songs that has become my favorites. Below is the list.
1. "Qele Qele" by Sirusho. Armenian Singer & more of a Beauty Queen Sirusho's Qele Qele is instantly likeable. Very catchy tunes & cool lyrics. This performance was outstanding & I loved her face, song & presentation. Treat for both ears & eyes. I just love her.

2. "We Could Be The Same" by MaNga.

Turkish Band MaNga took everybody by surprise with their entry We Could Be The Same. It could be one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Nu Metal is quite interesting flavor of Rock. Percussion is great, so are the vocals & gui…