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"Where Were You Last Night" by Jonas Oakland

Remember Jonas Oakland? The young Swede who followed his own way to become quite a promising Electro/Dance artist (with obvious hints of BWO!!). Last time I wrote about his best song Where I Belong. This time I am posting his another song Where Were You Last Night.

If Where I Belong was melody & vocal driven, Where Were You Last Night is more of a Dancepop. It has more pronounced production & there's a hint of EDM (those hooks!). I am not an expert at this, but I can feel the elements of EDM/House in this song alongwith some RnB (again, am no expert)!

Where Were You Last Night is a perfect dance song, thanks to those super catchy hooks in its post-chorus. The moment intro begins, you get the idea what you're going to hear. I repeat, chorus & post-chorus hooks are super catchy & highly addictive. It stays in your head for a long time. Production is quite massive & melody is easy on ears. Heavy production sometimes leaves little scope for vocals but not here!! …

Miracles - A Beautiful Song By Coldplay

Well Well!! I must have been living under the rocks for past few weeks!! How can I be so oblivious to this miraculous song called Miracles. Must say, this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Its upbeat, melodious, poetic, soothing, beautiful & what not?? Let me brief you about this wonderful piece of music.

Miracles is a song by English Alternative Rock band, Coldplay written specially for the American movie Unbroken which is directed by Angelina Jolie. Unbroken is about the life of US Olympian Louis "Louie" Zamperini who survived in a raft for 47 days.  

The moment intro kicks in, you know what you have in it for you. Beautifully gorgeous Acoustic guitar riffs which then gel into delightful piano chords. Such a beautiful melody. And voice of Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) is a treat to ears. He sings his heart out. Miracles is a king of song that gives you hope & strength when you feel you're broken. That's why they chose it for the aptly tit…

"Where I Belong" by Jonas Oakland

Jonas Oakland - A self made Swedish musician who focuses mostly on Electro/Dancepop. I have been following him for more that past 1 year, but never really could find time to post about him. Its been a lot of time since I last wrote something here. So, breaking this hiatus with a song by Jonas Oakland.

"Where I belong" is my personal favorite of all the songs written by Jonas. Its melodious, catchy, upbeat, uptempo & full of emotions. This one gives me hopes to better myself. It sets my mood right, whenever I feel low. Verses build & build & then kicks in the best part, the CHORUS!! Its not massive but its really enjoyable & tuneful. I really love the lyrics & vocals of the song. Chorus goes like this.

"Everything I have within my heart, gives me strength to carry on.
Everywhere I have been from the start, takes me right where I belong"

And the middle-eight is quite interesting. Jonas has a beautiful voice, amazing song-writing talent (he is self-mad…