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John De Sohn - Go to Sleep

Swedish (yes, I know they beat Switzerland yesterday!) hit machine John De Sohn has come back after a year & what a come back it is! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also making a come back on this blog after more than a year. There can't be a better way to start writing than this.

John De Sohn, as we know is a Swedish DJ who is famous for his melodic dance music with unique lyrical themes. I have a special liking for him because : -
He believes in the quality of music, not the quantity. He doesn't produce songs in bulk.His songs are really good. I love more than 90% of all the songs that he has produced thus far. Now coming to the main topic, that is, the song itself.

Go to Sleep is a heart-wrenching Dance number which describes the pain & the happiness of a person whose wife has separated from him. Happiness? You will ask? Well, here is the answer!
There's only one thing keeping him together, It's those two days every month. Oh yeah, it makes him feel a l…

Pick Of The Week | You Only Love Me - John de Sohn

Been following EDM for quite some time & I am loving it totally. Be it Avicii or Galavant, I am very much liking this stuff. That's why I have decided to start a new Page on EDM. Enough said, let's start with Pick Of The Week.

You Only Love Me is a single by Swedish (Oh yes!) House & EDM producer John De Sohn. He is known for infusing a lot of melodic pop into EDM. I am including this song for a very specific reason. Video of You Only Love Me is based on ancient Indian art Mallakhamb. It is about an aged person who trains a young boy in Mallakhamb, who later goes on to win the local competition. The video is shot in Mumbai. This connection with India is quite interesting, especially for a rather unknown artist (in India) John De Sohn! 

Now coming to the song itself, You Only Love Me is a terrific EDM song. Vocals may sound a bit strange but once that instrumental chorus kicks in, it takes it to a whole new level. Use of percussion is quite catchy. And those hooks are MAS…