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Turning Point - My Music Review

Pop / Punjabi music album Turning Point by Khiza was released in 2009. There are 20 songs in total including 2 remixes. Honestly, the punjabi tracks are no great or good. Very usual stuff. What really stand out are the songs sung by Pakistani singers Omer Nadeem & Hadiqa Kiani. Omer sounds like Atif a lot but has better voice than him. Hadiqa Kiani is Pakistan's best female pop singer & it shows in her song Muhabataan. Go for it if you're bored of usual bollywood stuff. Below is the review of the songs that I liked. Click the songs to play them.
1. Dil Ka Diya : - Singer - Omer Nadeem.
A typical pop number sung well by Omer in typical Atif style. Electronic effects can be heard in conjugation with piano & percussion beats. Instantly likeable song. Tune is simple & effective. Best part is the last Bujh Hai Gaya. The way the tune hits the higher octave sounds really good.
2. Dil Ka Diya (Dance Mix):- Singer - Omer Nadeem.
More Electronic version of original. Beats a…