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Pick Of The Week | You Only Love Me - John de Sohn

Been following EDM for quite some time & I am loving it totally. Be it Avicii or Galavant, I am very much liking this stuff. That's why I have decided to start a new Page on EDM. Enough said, let's start with Pick Of The Week.

You Only Love Me is a single by Swedish (Oh yes!) House & EDM producer John De Sohn. He is known for infusing a lot of melodic pop into EDM. I am including this song for a very specific reason. Video of You Only Love Me is based on ancient Indian art Mallakhamb. It is about an aged person who trains a young boy in Mallakhamb, who later goes on to win the local competition. The video is shot in Mumbai. This connection with India is quite interesting, especially for a rather unknown artist (in India) John De Sohn! 

Now coming to the song itself, You Only Love Me is a terrific EDM song. Vocals may sound a bit strange but once that instrumental chorus kicks in, it takes it to a whole new level. Use of percussion is quite catchy. And those hooks are MAS…

Galavant feat. Mary Jane Smith - World Of Dreams | One Of My Favorites in House Music

I am not a huge fan of House Music. I find most of the house songs monotonous (Avicii being exception). But that doesn't mean I don't like it at all. A few months back, I stumbled upon Galavant's (Swedish House Music/EDM Producers) World Of Dreams. I prefer its Radio Edit more as it straightaway kicks off the dreamy vocals of Mary Jane Smith. Her voice is really amazing here & those hooks are, well, MASSIVE. Addictive! Galavant have released only 3 singles till date and they all are driven by gorgeous vocals apart from floor-filling hooks/beats. I am expecting Galavant to be more famous internationally as their music is addictive, atleast, to me!

Below is the official video.