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Music Review of 1920 - Evil Returns

1920 - Evil Returns.Music - Chirantan Bhatt, Lyrics - Shakeel Azmee, Junaid Wasi & Manoj Yadav.
Chirantan Bhatt is back! And I can say, he is back with a bang!! Been waiting for his work since long & the wait pays off. After super melodious Haunted, he comes back to create magic once again with 1920 - Evil Returns. Since its a Bhatt camp movie, expectations have to be quite high & Chirantan lives upto them. Below is the music review of 1920 - Evil Returns. 1. Apnaa Mujhe Tu Laga : -Singer - Sonu Nigam. What an opening to the album!! Couldn't have asked for a better track to start with. Piano chords kick off & gel with Sonu's vocals instantly. Then there is amazing jugalbandi of vocals & instrumentals. Apnaa Mujhe Tu Laga is melodious to the core & bears that blue feel. Percussion part is brilliant. Sonu Nigam sings his heart out. Arrangements are mind-blowing. Highly engaging & addictive tunes. Lyrics too are quite good. A perfect song for a movie like…

Music Review of Haunted!

I came to know about this album when one of my friends posted in KK's group on Facebook. And since I am a die-hard fan of KK, I decided to give it a try. So here comes the review of Haunted.....Click songs' name to play.

Composer - Chirantan Bhatt. 

Lyricist - Junaid Wasi

1. Tum Ho Mera Pyaar:- Singers - KK & Suzanne. Lyrics - Shakeel Aazmi.
Honestly, I didn't like this in first hearing. Blame it to my poor quality headset that I had at that time. But since it was a KK song, I again heard it @ my home. And believe me, it blew my head off!!! I fell in love with the melody of this beautiful song. It starts off with electronic tune, and when KK sings the first line, magic begins. A progressive track that begins with slow tempo (Jism Se Rooh Tak) and ends with faster Tum Ho Mera Pyaar!!! Chirantan Bhatt did a wonderful job. Electric Guitar tunes accompany the vocals very well, so do those electronic tunes..This has become my love anthem!! Makes you feel like loving!!! And the …