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"Where Were You Last Night" by Jonas Oakland

Remember Jonas Oakland? The young Swede who followed his own way to become quite a promising Electro/Dance artist (with obvious hints of BWO!!). Last time I wrote about his best song Where I Belong. This time I am posting his another song Where Were You Last Night.

If Where I Belong was melody & vocal driven, Where Were You Last Night is more of a Dancepop. It has more pronounced production & there's a hint of EDM (those hooks!). I am not an expert at this, but I can feel the elements of EDM/House in this song alongwith some RnB (again, am no expert)!

Where Were You Last Night is a perfect dance song, thanks to those super catchy hooks in its post-chorus. The moment intro begins, you get the idea what you're going to hear. I repeat, chorus & post-chorus hooks are super catchy & highly addictive. It stays in your head for a long time. Production is quite massive & melody is easy on ears. Heavy production sometimes leaves little scope for vocals but not here!! …