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2 International sounding songs by Fredrik Kempe

Fredrik Kempe, as we all know is a renowned Swedish songwriter. And not just a songwriter, he is also a lyricist & a singer. While he has enjoyed great success in Sweden for more than a decade, he has had little recognition outside it. He still is a big name in European or should I say Scandinavian & neighboring countries. But he has not seen much success in US. I don't mean he is not known there but I guess US people don't really embrace Schlager or Schlager-pop. Today I present 2 songs of his that are entirely different from his usual work & have got an International touch. Read on.
1. Little Braveheart by Charlotte Perrelli & Kate Ryan.
Massive chorus, even more massive production & high-octane singing define Little Braveheart. Its a song from Charlotte Perrelli's album The Girl & is truly an International dance-pop number with dubstep in the middle-eight! Believe me its chorus is so massive & instantly catchy that you will start singing along …

Song of the Week - "Hero" by Charlotte Perrelli

Year is about to pass by & what a great year it has been for me as far as music is concerned. Got to listen to some of the most amazing artists. Found a great music genre Schlager that just blew my head off. Presenting you an absolute Schlager gem Hero performed by Swedish pop-singer CharlottePerrelli & composed by great Swedish composer Fredrik Kempe. How do I describe this beauty? The song is pure bliss. With a hint of 80's pop sounds in the background, Hero is magical in leaving its impression on mind. Composition is brilliant, just brilliant. Arrangements are mind-blowing & singing is top notch. Been listening to it for past 6 months & haven't been able to get it off my head. Yes, its that addictive. You'll definitely appreciate Perrelli's high pitched singing. The key-change towards the end is awesome. Fredrik seems to have put all his efforts in the arrangement. Unforgettable. The bridge is perhaps the best part of this song. Such an upbeat, uptemp…