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'Bas Yun Hi' by KK - Amazing Song!

Many times we miss some good music just because the movie doesn't become popular & is not promoted well. And since I am always in search of good music, I keep googling for songs. Was searching for something on & it took me to an album called Bas Yun Hi. Its title track is instantly likeable. Sung by none other than maestro KK, this one sounds very energetic & fresh. The song takes us back to the days when Pop music was omnipresent. Bas Yun Hi has a Pop / Rock feel & will appeal to you straightaway.
From start till end, this song gives you feel of Pop that has been immensely poplular in 90s. Sounds very much like any of those hit Pop numbers. Electronic tunes, percussion gel well with KK's owesome voice. KK sounds quite young here. Arrangements are a bit complex but go really well with KK's voice. Tune is catchy. Do give it a try. KK's fans will love this a lot, am sure. There are 3 more songs by KK in this album. You may like them as well. Titl…

Love Is In The Air (Pop Music Album) - My Music Review / Opinion

Love Is In The Air - Pop Music Album
Pop culture seems to have lost somewhere now. I still remember my childhood days when I was hooked to Albums like Deewana (Sonu Nigam), Tanha Dil (Shaan) & Pal (KK). There used to be so much freshness in music that time. Now a days pop has paved way to item songs & usual bollywood stuff. Though still there are composers who have maintained quality in bollywood music. Love Is In The Air is one of those very few Pop albums that actually release these days. Otherwise Pop is lost. Barring Sonu Nigam, KK & Shreya Ghoshal, almost all the famous contemporary singers' voice feature in this album. First 2 songs just stand out.
1. Jaan Ho Meri : - Singer - Shaan. Typical Pop number. Piano chords open this mushy romantic, sugary song. Tunes are quite catchy. Shaan sounds very fresh like his Pop days. Electronic organ also accompanies piano quite well. Good opening to the album. Highly likeable. Tuneful & sweet. Go for it.
2. Anahat : - Singer …

Yaara (Javed Ali's Pop Album) - My Music Review

Yaara : - Music - Rajendra Shivv.  Singer - Javed Ali.

When we have Javed Ali behind the mic, we always expect something soulful, something melodious, something romantic! His album Yaara lives upto the expectations. Though its nothing outstanding or extraordinary, it provides adequate relief in form of noiseless, easy on ear songs. Composer Rajendra has done a good job. Fusion can be felt in almost all the songs. Good thing is that its a small album consisting of only 6 songs (4 original & 2 good remix). Will grow on you. Give it some time.
Thare Khatir :- The name itself suggests that there will be touch of Rajasthani folk music in this song. Its a fusion of Rajasthani folk, Indian classic music & Rock (in terms of Guitar riffs). Good experiment,must say. Javed Ali sings effortlessly. USP is the Indian melody & interesting lyrics. It comes as a refreshing change to those who have been bored of typical noisy bollywood music.
Yu Lab Se :- Piano chords open this mushy romantic num…

Turning Point - My Music Review

Pop / Punjabi music album Turning Point by Khiza was released in 2009. There are 20 songs in total including 2 remixes. Honestly, the punjabi tracks are no great or good. Very usual stuff. What really stand out are the songs sung by Pakistani singers Omer Nadeem & Hadiqa Kiani. Omer sounds like Atif a lot but has better voice than him. Hadiqa Kiani is Pakistan's best female pop singer & it shows in her song Muhabataan. Go for it if you're bored of usual bollywood stuff. Below is the review of the songs that I liked. Click the songs to play them.
1. Dil Ka Diya : - Singer - Omer Nadeem.
A typical pop number sung well by Omer in typical Atif style. Electronic effects can be heard in conjugation with piano & percussion beats. Instantly likeable song. Tune is simple & effective. Best part is the last Bujh Hai Gaya. The way the tune hits the higher octave sounds really good.
2. Dil Ka Diya (Dance Mix):- Singer - Omer Nadeem.
More Electronic version of original. Beats a…