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Kygo - Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell

I know am late to post this ;-) This gem of a tune isn't the most recent one but a tad old. And its already incredibly popular all over the world. But, there are very many people who might be missing out on hearing this gem & that's exactly why I have decided to post this.

Kygo is a Norwegian DJ/Producer known for strikingly different approach to Dance music. There are millions of Dance tracks but almost all of them sound similar. Kygo takes a step further & converts Dance music to "Melodic Dance" number. 

Firestone is a Romantic Dance song with a gorgeous melody, not so big drop (trademark of Kygo) & extremely catchy, infectious instrumental chorus. Right from the moment you hear the intro, you will find there is something special coming your way. This is a kind of song that gets you feel imbibed in music while dancing to it. In other words, its NOT a no-nonsense Dance song. And the breezy vocals by Conrad Sewell will sweep you off your feet!! He has sung …

Alex Gaudino - I'm in Love (I Wanna Do It) (Radio Edit)

Taking a break from Swedish music (that I mostly write about), today will present a different song :-)

This song is called I'm in Love (I Wanna Do It) and its written & produced by an Italian House DJ Alex Gaudino. Its a single from his alum Doctor Love. Song itself falls under House genre but it packs a beautiful melodic intro which also acts as extremely catchy hook. 

I'm in Love (I Wanna Do It), as the name suggests, is a romantic track and its the kind of music you hear a lot from Romanian artists (Inna to be exact). And it indeed is a good thing :-) USP of this song is its infectious hook which keeps on playing & sounds really cool. Just like Kygo's songs, there is a peculiarity in this song. Despite being a House track, there is no loudness & its so easy on ears. Melody is beautiful & arrangement is simple :-) Listen to it below. You will love it.

Preview/Buy I'm in Love (I Wanna Do It) on iTunes

Tinie Tempah - Children Of The Sun ft. John Martin

Didn't know of this until I searched for this gentleman "John Martin" on Wikipedia & voila!! Found one gem of a song! 

John Marin is not an unfamiliar name in music world. He is the co-writer and sole singer of one of the my most favorite songs "Don't You Worry Child" by legendary Swedish House Mafia. He had also teamed up with Swedish House Mafia for their song "Save The World". So, John needs no introduction. His voice is probably the best I have heard in songs outside of India.

Lets come back to Children Of The Sun. Its a rap song, something that I would have easily ignored if it didn't have John Martin's name against it. But since I saw his name, I gave it a spin and lo! I was mesmerised to the core! 

"Lay down your head
You're not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That's all you need to know"

Children Of The Sun is a kind of song that lifts me up when I feel low. I ignored the rap part since …