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Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park - Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)

Back to this blog after a long time!! Had started another blog dedicated to Swedish music, but now continuing from here only :-)

So, presenting the first song (after so many days) that I have been hooked to for past six months. Its called "Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park - Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)". Hook N Sling are an Australian duo & this very song has been remixed by Axwell. Who is Axwell? You may ask ;-)

Well, Axwell is one-third of what has been one of the greatest House/EDM groups in world, Swedish House Mafia

As a solo producer, Axwell has remixed (written/produced) many songs & "Tokyo By Night" is a peculiar example of his production skills. Its thumping, inspiring & MASSIVE!!! People rave about this song as the best example of Progressive House! Some even suggest to teach this in school & use it as a cure for cancer!! (from YouTube comments)

Listen to it below!! Its pretty damn addictive right from its intro till the end. It builds, …