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Celebrating Music Diversity - My Favorite Songs In Different Languages

Music knows no language. Most of us stick to our mother-tongue & to some extent, to the universal language English. But the beauty of music lies in the fact that tunes & melody have nothing to do with the language. Its a supreme language itself. While lyrics add meaning to the song, its the melody that matters the most. This LONG post is about celebrating diversity of music in my way. All these songs are among my favorites. Wont try to explain much here otherwise the post will get even longer!

1. Hindi (my mother-tongue)

"Kun Faya Kun" by Javed Ali, Mohit Chouhan & A.R. Rehman.

Soulful, soothing, beautiful, melodious, lifting, upbeat & what not? Not completely in Hindi (a few Arabic & Urdu words used) but still, this one is the most beautiful Hindi song for me.

If you insist I stick to pure Hindi, below is that gem of a Hindi song with BEAUTIFUL lyrics.

2. English.

Miracles by Coldplay. Have already written about it.

3. Swedish.

"Sjumilakliv" by …